My beloved pet☆最愛のペット

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Can I see my beloved pets again when I die?
I would like to know how I can definitely see them.

I always think about them.
I’ve rescued and loved many of them for a long time.
There are some of them who I can never forget and I definitely love to see them again.
Please, please make me see them again.

A. You seem to be misunderstanding about us, but we are not the authority to give you a permission to see your beloved pets. When you close your eyes, you will certainly be able to see them. You can also see their residual images after their death. It is because you are the one who keep giving the energy to your beloved pets who have passed away. They will stay with you until your death. Let’s close your eyes first.


My lovely cat passed away a few days ago. She had lived 17+ strong & beautiful years. She really gave me countless cute & affectionate moments. Her existence did ease my hardships so many times.

At the time of her death, she took a little bit struggling time to dress her physical body, but eventually I did feel and see for the first time the living thing, her astral energy (body) got out of her physical body. It was really a dignified moment.

Yes, I am really sad and keep shedding tears without even noticing. Although I can still feel her existence around me (rather freely), it’s not the same. That’s the sadness of being stuck in the physical frequency. Even though the physical body is just a suit not the “real-self,” I miss her with the physical body.

I could see her residual images pretty easily, but I immediately noticed that they were generated by me, my energies (as you’ve seen in the answer above by Shamballa). So, I totally stopped it. However it should help some people who are really having a difficult time to live without their beloved pets who have passed away recently.

In my case, I should get used to be the different daily routine in the physical world and should completely admit my beloved cat is happily and freely running around me with her different body now.



さて、タイムリーな質問回答を見つけました(死後 ペットより):

死んだら 愛したペットたちにあえますか?


A. 何か誤解をしているようですが、我々があなたに最愛のペットにあう許可を与えるわけではありません。あなたが目をつぶれば間違いなく彼らに逢えます。そして死後あなたが望めば彼らの残像に逢うことはできます。なぜならあなたは亡くなった愛するペットにエネルギーを注いでいるからです。あなたが死ぬまで寄り添い続けるでしょう。まずは目をつぶりましょう








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