When you can do…☆出来る時が

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I did update my blog introduction in order to start my writing again. Please take a look at it when you have some time.

To encourage (LOL) myself for my official first post after the 2-month recess, I pick up this question, well, it’s more like a request 🙂   The questioner asked her advisor in Shamballa to get the visible message. Here it is:

I would like to get lots of encouraging words from you, pleeeaaase!

A. When you feel like you can do it, that’s the time for you to do it.

When you don’t want to do it, just go to bed and sleep!

When you have to do it even though you don’t want to do it, make others do it for you.

That’s why you should always be nice & kind to people around you!


Yep. I started writing this blog again because I felt like I could do it. Otherwise, I would keep sleeping and playing a video game or something, lol! Plus, I believe no one would really care whether or not I write the blog anyways, lol!!

In any case, yes, it is pretty nice and important to be nice to people around you and build a good relationship with them. They are your reflections as well as a great resource and support when you need them. Being nice to them really means being nice to yourself. I’ve truly realized this simple but valuable principle only recently since I started accessing Shamballa.

Let’s do the things you should do when you feel like you can do them.

and, Be nice to people around you.




担当祭り4: ラシャラ より


A. できるときがやり時










2 thoughts on “When you can do…☆出来る時が

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    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! I’m glad you could feel something touching your heart by my words. May be we have the similar frequencies. Hopefully you will enjoy your time here♪ -Shire


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