Tea break 24☆ティータイム 24

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I have decided to take a “real break” from this blog writing. Well, I’ve been writing “blog” for actually more than 15 years by now (including my musician blog & real life blogs). I feel I have written all the things I really wanted to say, and I am not interested in repeating over and over.

My life in both worlds, Shamballa and the physical world has been pretty good and productive which I have already been introducing here in many ways.

I keep this room open for a while, and I will make the final decision sometime later whether or not I would like to keep writing here.

Meanwhile, I’m going to continue posting images/photos with my thoughts/feelings/messages in my instagram account so that you can keep following my life and adventures. Please check it out!

Thanks a lot for keep visiting my room♪ Hopefully you will enjoy your tasty tea!






from farewell messages


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