Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I sometimes feel that being in the physical world is a part of my own training (by my astral/mental bodies & subconsciousness). As I live in the 2 worlds as well as share the physical body with at least 2 souls, I am pretty used to treat/look at myself objectively like a different person.

When I use a new gadget/app, I seem to explore many different possibilities instead of sticking one way. For example, I do enjoy Instagram surprisingly a lot (because I thought I would never be able to keep up posting images/photos!) by crossing a few genres over. I know it’s better to focus on one genre (= type of images such as houses, interior ideas, flower arrangements, quotes, drawings, etc.) in order to gain the followers. But I do post some food/sweets photos, flowers & plants at my neighborhood, phrase & quotes regarding the song project, etc. etc… yep, not genre specified. My physical mind (consciousness) would like to have more unified images to appeal the certain target audiences, but my other minds would like to keep playing around more to look at the space (my account) bigger? scope.

This is just an example. In my life, there are more such occasions which one mind (physical dimension) feels totally takes action based on the ideas and intention of other minds of me. I (my physical body) can feel I am moved by myself from different dimensions which sometimes cause the auto-pilot mode I’ve mentioned in the previous entry.

When I realized such my rather weird behaviors, I thought I would be crazy. But I’ve been living with completely contradicted minds and ideas all the time so that It should be my normal state, lol. One thing I’ve totally noticed is that the development and result by such action is usually more exciting and fun even though I sometime don’t know what I’m doing.












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