Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much again for coming to my room again♫

I used to be pretty sensitive to many things. I could easily feel sick when I went to some crowded places like a shopping mall/ concert hall. It was like a seasickness. I used to be way more affected by other people’s mood which I could not stay in the same room when someone in the room was really angry or overly sad/excited.

I still get extremely nervous when I do something different from my daily routine such as picking up my Zipcar, hahaha!! (I found out about this nervousness last time I did use the service, and I was really surprised and shocked by the fact that even such a tiny event made me feel that nervous!! Man!! give me a break! ← I’m talking to myself)

Even though I have been playing loud music as a musician, I barely listen to any music in my regular daily life and even set the volume barely audible when I put the music on while driving and/or writing.

When I used to check out Dr. Elaine Aron’s “The Highly Sensitive Person,” my score of the self-test was around 15 (out of 25 questions). When I did take one again today prior to this entry, my score now became… oooops, 18. Well, it seems that I am still pretty much  a HSP objectively.

However, I don’t feel sick at shopping malls/ crowded trains anymore. At least I feel really comfortable being myself within a crowd of people in these days. I can also react better with other people’s emotions (even though I often do get bothered by the smell of people… as I mentioned before, sigh).

The main reason why I can now deal with more people is because I do not pay that much attention anymore. I simply do not care people around me, period. Well, that sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it? Well, for those people who are pretty sensitive cannot usually avoid ignoring subtle things especially noise, vibe, atmosphere by other people.

This is the state called “You are matching (or trying to match) the frequency to those people. ” Those HSP people constantly try to match the frequencies to those especially negative ones. At least I was. That’s why I got feeling sick at shopping malls. I thought my sense automatically did it so that it was totally unavoidable. No, I can totally avoid that.

How? In my case, I immediately access to Shamballa when my physical body is approaching to any crowded places. That makes my frequency (of physical body) totally away from the rest of people in the physical world. My consciousness is floating between the 2 worlds and trying to get the sense of Shamballa so that I am literally not aware of the physical surroundings (which we call “auto-pilot” mode).

As I’m writing this, I’ve noticed I really have not overcome (I thought I did, haha) my HSP-ness yet, but I am happy to find the way to get around the unfavorable frequencies/energies. The key thing here is to displace your frequency. If you can do it in any ways (think about something else, focus on yourself instead of surroundings), you should be able to live with the noisy world more peacefully 🙂















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