Flowers of the month (January, 2019)

Happy New Year 2019 to you all🎉

I hope you all will have a wonderful, fun, beautiful and inspiring year. Thank you very much for coming to my blog from the 2 worlds again♪

I’m happy to continue this series at Shamballa School. Hopefully you’ll enjoy imagining visually as well as virtually aromatic flavorful flowers presented here.


Theme of the year 2019: One kind with variety

I will introduce one flower per month such as “Tulip,” “Rose,” “Agapanthus,” “Camellia” with different colors & breed/species which you will see the unity of kind & its development. It may be a fun and a little challenging project I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

Let’s start my monthly flower arrangement♬

January 2019 〜Plum Blossoms〜 2019年1月〜梅花〜

Plum blossoms have a long history in Japan as the New Year’s flower (since Japan used to use the moon calendar). People really love the elegant shape as well as its rich fragrance. I’ve looked for those kinds actually have already started blooming (from the end of December ~ early January) and found both white & red ones. Yes, the color combo (red & white) is also the sign of good luck and for festive situations (you’ll see the example here).

Both plum blossoms have the layered petals which is called “Ya-e (八重) = 8 layers” in Japanese. The white one is called “Yae-Toji (八重冬至)” and the red one called “Yae-Kanko (八重寒紅).” Both are really elegant flowers which are definitely suitable for one of the flower’s words “elegance.”

【Image for your reference】In this time, I’ve found a good image to share. The flower vase in the image is also pretty similar to what I used for the actual arrangement (80cm/2’6″ tall). You can imagine the white wall of flowers with distinctive pink lines which are not completely blending. You should be able to see the pink color clearly within the whiteness.


Please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖


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        1. いつもお読み頂き、いいねもありがとうございます。私もwildsumさんの記事を毎回楽しみにしています。


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