Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Most of the time if you ever take some sort of healing sessions especially by really skilled professionals, you should be able to feel or notice the difference. It sometimes comes as a challenge (physically or mentally) since the healing session does bring up what you used to hide and try not to recognize consciously. Or, you may feel an amazing sensation of release. Or, you may yet feel nothing at all (that is me! lol!!) but may come up with new ideas & thoughts in your mind.

They happen not just because you take the healing session but also you INITIATE the change of yourself. We all do good in the beginning when we try to do something new, buy a new thing, set a new goal (oh year, that new year’s resolution stuff is a great example, lol). But then, you know what happens a few months, oh, weeks? later, right?

Healing and/or any spiritual/physical therapy stuff can be the same. If you are not serious enough to examine & change your old ways, such therapy would be just a temporal release. In other words, you won’t need such a healing session if you really know who you are and what you need to do.

As I said before, I don’t really know my life mission is, but I don’t need healing session to find out about it. Because I know how I can deal with myself and it has been quite successful so that I am pretty happy without any negative issue. Well, there may be hidden issues or disease I’m not aware of. However, that’s not what I’m focusing on or putting extra (waste) energy to. I’m not interested in feeding the monster called “unseen fear.” I’m just hoping to be ready for any sudden/unexpected situations, that’s all.

Please get as much information about you, your world as possible. We all have power, knowledge & great sense to survive our own life here in the Earth. Healing can be your huge support or can wake you up, but it is not something you have to become an addict.

Hopefully, you all have a wonderful & self-reflective year-end and a happy new year!!











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