Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a safe, nice, not too hectic (smile) time of the year!

So, I finally gave myself into the SNS… yes, I opened the account today. If you are curious, of course you all are welcome to be my friends there as well!

Shire’s Instagram (@sing_with_shire)

I’m not good at keeping up especially with photos so that Instagram would be the last thing I would ever try to involve. My life in the physical world is not as adventurous and photogenic as I wish it could be (lol) either.

But anyways, it has begun. One of the reasons is definitely to promote “Let’s All Sing Together” project which I’m hoping to sing with many many people on the Earth. When the next event in the upcoming year 2019 comes, I would like to announce the event louder than before.

Other than that, I guess I like to try the new thing. It may open up my eyes more with a flood of visual stuff. Let’s see how goes.

Of course, I will follow you back if you follow me 😉





今回、新年度に向けてアカウントを開設したのは、『歌のプロジェクト(Let’s All Sing Together)』をもっと広めていきたいことが一つの大きな理由です。これまでFBをメインにしてきましたが、SNSとしては現在インスタが非常にポピュラーで広めやすい、馴染みやすいというので、試してみる気になったのでした。



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