Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

My sister in the physical world is a frequent client of the healer in Japan who I’ve known for a while. I took her healing session once before which was a pretty interesting experience and I definitely had a sense of healing & refreshment from it. She went to study a certain healing technique at a professional school and has been studying & improving many years since she graduated from there. I would recommend her for anyone who may want to have a spiritual healing session.

Spiritual healing is a treatment which usually “clean-up” your energy which no longer belongs to you or is affected by certain (negative) environment. When you take a session, you may or may not feel anything physically but you may get better ideas and feel ready for a new adventure. Of course, some people do have tremendous changes by such healing sessions such as a better relationship, job situation, etc.

I’ve seen several healing reports from my sister (they are posted on the healer’s blog and I can tell the report is my sister’s by the writing & her initial) which all seem pretty similar. Same reaction, same “surprising” effects, same refreshments… the menu and her issue might be slightly different, but they look all same to me.

I tell you the price of such healing sessions are pretty expensive. Her (the healer) regular healing course is about $150/ hr, and there are optional menu you can add to it so that it can end up with a few hundred dollars per session. Well, if you feel totally worth doing it, the price probably will not matter anymore.

However, I personally think that you have to keep taking such sessions several times per year and can’t quit really means “Something of you is totally & fundamentally wrong.” It is like the previous post I’ve mentioned about the great healer’s patients who keep coming back the same sickness over and over.

It’s not the healer’s fault. You know that.

My sister has been taking several sessions per year for more than 5 years by now. I am not quite aware (because she never listens to me anyways, lol) of her current situation, but it does not seem any healthier than before by the photos our mother shows me. I’m always wondering why she is willing to spend so much money (she is not rich at all) for the temporal release… it is like an addiction, isn’t it?

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