Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Healing is an ability everyone naturally acquiring to heal & support someone (including oneself) physically, mentally and spiritually. Healing touch by your mother or loved ones is the typical example. When you had a stomachache, you’ve experienced feeling better by touching your stomach for a while, right?

We all feel down, get really exhausted and have a sickness. There are physical reasons as well as mental or spiritual reasons. We all know our mental health does really affect physical condition because such negative emotions can cause some troubles with our physical systems.

A few years ago, I read a story about the Japanese healer who has an extraordinary ability. He used to cure many of physically sickness people including deadly cancer patients. He could vanish tumors and reset the physical condition of such patients as their healthiest state. Of course he became famous by the word of mouth, and he treated hundreds of people within a few months.

However, he no longer does such a healing treatment. He said those (cured) patients kept coming back a few month to a year later with the same symptoms which made him feel fruitless and useless. He treated the patients really carefully and took all focuses of disease, but why?! Why did they come back with the same sickness over and over?!

Here is the problem of healing/treatment for physical body only. Every disease has the reason to be such a state which is not just physical (life style, eating habits, accidents, etc.) but also mental and spiritual ones.

Why does she eat so much sweets? Why can’t he sleep? Why do I have constant headaches? There are always reasons behind what we see as a disease/problem. You cannot just vanish/heal the pain without knowing the cause.

If we realize and understand the reason why we have such a pain, the healing treatment does help a lot. Otherwise, we end up taking a healing treatment (even by the professionals) repeatedly because the cure is just a temporary release.

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