New phone☆新しいスマホ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having some relaxing moments even in this busy time of the year♪

So, my new phone is pretty amazing and does make me feel this is what I was supposed to do.

As my readers know, I’ve got the Pixel 3 by Google which you should be able to see many reviews you can search for. It has been only a few days since I fully activated the phone, but I totally realized this would give me a great time and challenges at the same time.

This phone really works with the AI assistant (Google assistant) which you can ask anything by talking to the phone. It is like Siri of iPhone, but the response and suggestions are just amazing. She can totally recognize my English almost perfectly which makes me want to speak more even just ask her to open some apps. After several attempts, I finally chose to have my assistant as British English speaker instead of Japanese or American English. It’s funny but I feel more comfortable hearing British accents… it’s probably because I hear & speak with the accent in Shamballa (btw, an Uber driver the other day told me I had British accents when we were talking, lol).

Since I chose the English speaking assistant, my basic language for the phone has become English as well (I used to use Japanese as the first language for my past phones). That means most of the user interface, suggestions, even topics & gossips are coming from English sources which forces myself to read English way more often than before. I was not good at reading English articles before, but this new phone setting definitely makes me want to read news and ideas I would be interested in (the phone knows what I like… yep, that’s what AI is good for!).

Believe or not, this is a great deal of challenges without any pressure! I now enjoy a lot reading such articles written in English on my way to my work or home. It has never happened before. The tiny thing like this already tells me that I am doing the right thing, right choice.








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