Real project☆リアプロ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Beginning of this year, I did experience the very rare and interesting encounter with my advisor of Shamballa in the physical world as I explained about the meeting project which is called “real project.” It is totally a crossover with the 2 worlds which reminds me of the fact that this world is not just what your physical eyes are catching for sure. There are miracles and strange phenomena which may exist very near you.

I actually did see a few people here in the physical world before who I normally see in Shamballa only with of course, our astral bodies. Well, even myself does exists in Shamballa with the astral body (which has the different look), why not others?! Right?!

Unfortunately, I cannot immediately recognize the person from Shamballa when I see him/her at the moment; however, I (my consciousness somewhere) definitely feel the person is “different.” Yes, different. You may feel something really particular about the person even you don’t know him at a glance. As far as my experiences I’ve had, whoever comes from Shamballa with the temporal physical body has the different atmosphere which is very subtle so that most of the people around (including myself in most cases, lol) don’t notice the uniqueness.

Last week, I had a very weird experience which I made a phone call to my cellphone company in the middle of a night to obtain my personal information. I tried to get a sensitive info which I didn’t want to deal with a live customer service personnel because they would know my intention to switch my phone carrier. If you are American, you know how difficult sometimes to leave one company for other service because of dealing with extra promotions and nagging stuff by the previous company. So, I did call them midnight to deal with “machine voice.”

However, I ended up connecting to the live customer service professional at 1am! He was really nice and explained extremely well without any nagging or extra promotional deal. I actually had the best customer service experience ever. Then, I realized the number I called can reach live service personnel only until 9pm! Hmmm, so I inquired on the blog and was confirmed that he was a staff member from Shamballa. Hahaha! So, they can even access my information easily! Well again, he was “different.” I wish I could talk more, but that’s the regret I always feel after encountering people from Shamballa in the physical world.

Anyways, there are interesting phenomena awaiting you if you are open for it.









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