Love of gain 2☆物欲 2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

The next day after writing my previous post about “love of gain”, I actually did purchase the new phone, Pixel 3! Hahahaha!!!

Why? It’s because of the phone/data service I can save a lot of money. I happened to find out about it and totally opened my eyes widely. If you’re in the US and use WiFi most of your time, you should definitely check it out. Well, I’m not a sales person for the service (laughing), but it did strike me hard after many years of paying a lot of money for my mobile phone service.

I have been really obsessed with cutting unnecessary things and cost of living without suffering. I still love eating good foods and getting what I really love to own. I do still have “healthy” level of “love of gain.”

In this time, the phone service giving me the great deal even with the new phone (still cheaper than my current carrier) totally attracts me. I can use the new phone with much more reasonable prices without any hidden fees. It just made me feel really good.

I’m also planning to give up my current car (the lease will expire soon) and start using a car sharing service which will give me the huge benefit as well, saving money & cutting all worries about cost and insurance by owing a car. I’m really excited about changing my physical life style in such a way.

A new phone should be great, but the new style with much less cost will be super exciting! That’s way better to fulfill my love of … gain? (I feel like gaining something better than “things”)


物欲について書いたその翌日、何と新しいスマホ(Pixel 3)をポチってしまった私です😆アホや〜❗️と言う前に、そこへ至ったのが電話サービスだったという事を明記させて下さい。偶然にもググ社が携帯の電話サービスを行っている事を知り、それが非常に画期的な上に現行サービスの約3000円以上安い‼️という目👀を見張る情報を入手したのです。自分の生活スタイルにそのサービスはピッタリだという事、しかもニュースマホを月賦購入してさえ現行サービスより割安だ、という事実に衝撃を受け、速攻ポチ✨った次第です。






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