My reality☆私の現実感

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I had several “extraordinary events” (including the trip to Japan & Shasta, dealing with a hard work schedule, having my friend from Japan, etc.) last a few weeks which were pretty interesting to review how I’ve seen/judged my own reality. 

My feeling/understanding regarding “reality” is truly based on my idea & reaction from (past) experiences. So, everyone else has its own reality which should be different from mine. Yes, we all live in our own world. At least I don’t live the same place as you do.

When I saw my parents who were totally praising the current sickening government of Japan (I can present some clear examples why it is “sickening” if you wish) and no way to be able to discuss with them about anything against their ideas/preferences, I realized they have lived in a different world and seen their own realities. I usually don’t see such people much because of my frequencies, but parents/relatives are the people who I have to see no matter what kind of policies/beliefs they have. Well, I am probably lucky enough to see them at the pretty minimum level. They would never agree with my idea and try to push their realities to me, it has been super great for me to be away from them. 

Even in Shamballa, I feel I only stay with people who can understand/share the reality in a good way. Of course people have different opinions, but I like the people who can acknowledge such differences. There are so many people who cannot do it in the physical world, unfortunately.

I do write about my own feelings and ideas here, but I never intend to force them or enlighten my readers. Everyone has its own unique experience and idea which creates the reality. If you find something similar or common ideas from my blog, you may have similar mind or close frequency of mine. That’s all.

That’s the reason why I probably live comfortably in both Shamballa and the physical world. I don’t see my reality as the absolute, concrete, one and only world which everyone has to live & share. 








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