Similar atmosphere☆そっくりな雰囲気

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♪

It was really a fun opportunity to play live shows in Japan! In this time, my band had 2 shows in Osaka and Tokyo where many of my blog readers & students from Shamballa school appeared. Of course, most of them were the first time to see me in the physical world, lol.

I usually see them as young students (teenagers) in Shamballa. Most of them are not even Japanese there (the figure is mostly from the previous life). However, I totally felt that those Japanese people (mid 30s to 50~60s) who were watching my show are the students of Shamballa school! They have totally the same/very close atmosphere (aura/vibe).

I thought I would not be able to recognize them at first because they would look totally different. But the same person really does have the same aura no matter how different he/she looks. The meeting at the live show really gave me a great idea. It was not one person. I met at least 15 or more people who I only saw in Shamballa before!

After all, we have several different bodies (physical, astral, mental, etc.) which may look totally different, but those different bodies are all coming from the one identity — the soul. I’m glad to have the opportunity to really observe the idea objectively.

Oh, how was the show? Of course, it was really successful and exciting!!







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