In Japan☆日本にて

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Yes, I’m currently in Japan (of course, with my physical body, lol). I’ve been seeing my friends and parents so far, and I will have a few live shows as well. It has been extremely busy days, but it is pretty exciting.

Japan is really the unique country with many contradictory thoughts and actions. People are pretty kind and gentle, but there are many discriminations existing within the country. There are many new gadgets and information, but people have pretty one-sided ideas which are given by limited media sources (TV and newspapers).

My good friends are very open-minded so that they accept different ideas and thoughts yet I can’t mention about my Shamballa life (except those who have been friends there as well as the physical world). I don’t really intend to spread the word about Shmaballa except their useful information which helps people in the physical world; however I hope people in the physical world one day will have some better ideas about their lives, life missions and souls.

Anyways, I will enjoy the good foods, fancy goods, sweet friends in Japan!

By the way, my monthly flower arrangement (which actually has already been changed to the November one) will be introduced after I go back to the US. I’m sorry for the delay.

Hopefully you will enjoy your beautiful week and the new month!






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