Busy link☆忙しい、のリンク

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♬

Busy days keep going around my world in both Shamballa and the physical world. I did finish a big project at my work last week, and I have a few more complicated tasks to deal with in this week. There are several events around Beth’s blog so that I have been preparing stuff for them as well. I also have a few gigs with my band coming up soon so that my weekends are pretty much taken by the practice & rehearsals.

Whenever I access my consciousness to Shamballa, I actually do work something in my room, or meeting some people there. It doesn’t seem as hectic as I am in the physical world, but still I keep working on some different tasks. I usually find out the detail later by a certain link or sign (in the physical world).

I (in the physical world) really love to be just relaxing, being lazy, taking a nap… type of things (The LAZY! lol), but at the same time, my brain gets really sharp when I’m pretty busy.  This extreme preferences showing up simultaneously may suggest myself being a double-soul person. In any case, I just can’t be “all or nothing” which I really wanted to be such way for a long time and all such attempts have been failed, lol.

So, while busy days in both Shamballa & the physical world, I still enjoy playing a game, buying a few new clothes (which I usually don’t do at all!), driving to find new areas/roads, and writing the blog (smiling). Meanwhile, I get some great massage in Shamballa… I need one in the physical world too!!










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  1. Dear Shire, sometimes I envy people like you, being able to “cut away” reality and go to Shamballa. I wish I could, but my mind is here, bound to reality and sorrows to see many things going wrong. Each night, I watch the posts from PETA or other animal rights activists… each night I feel sick to look at such horrors or read terrible stories about mistreatment or killing of these sentient beings called simply “animals”. I started quite a few years ago being vegetarian, next step was quitting to eat eggs, milk, and yogurts, and now I’m getting well along quitting as well cheese, which unfortunately I love so much. Becoming Vegan isn’t that simple.
    But it’s little, a drop in the sea…
    I wish I could change things, but it’s a huge work…
    Say hello to Shamballa for me too
    Hugs :-)claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine (I’m sorry to get back to you this late)!

      I don’t cut away reality. Reality is where & what your consciousness would like to focus on in order to train & challenge your own soul. That’s how I feel about it since my reality is swinging between Shamballa & the physical world.

      Anyways, I too feel pretty bad about how cruel some people treat beautiful animals in this planet. That can be a great reason to become a vegetarian. At the same time, we, people do treat our own race very very badly. How some group of people involve human trafficking, treating people like animals… I have been having hard time to even acknowledge such a scene ever exists in the same dimension I belong.

      In old Japan, when people needed to eat food not only from animal products but also fruits, plants (since Japanese people used to believe every “life” is equally precious), they had to give a thankfulness towards to those foods in front of them. That’s how we say “I-ta-da-ki-ma-su (I’ll have this)”. They knew people needed to take many lives in order for them to live.

      I personally think eating foods are essential and should be enjoyable time. If I ever have a feeling of guilty by eating meat, I would not eat. But I sometimes eat some meat products with thankfulness, not sorry. That’s a totally personal choice. I just hope my friends to enjoy their eating time.

      I don’t have huge influence to change the world, but I have words to say what I like and introduce the ideas my friends may have never thought of. I’m sure you do too.

      Hopefully you’ll have a beautiful weekend♪ by Shire

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