New idea☆ニューアイデア

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I’m about to make a little bit serious decision which definitely will affect my everyday life in the physical world. I’ve already sent some inquiries about it to some of my friends.

When I come up with a new idea, it is so random and unexpected yet simple that I wonder why I’ve never come up with this before?! As soon as it rings my brain, I start checking out the basic information, researching, finding out pros & cons… which I’m still doing it for the idea I’m talking to you above.

Then, what do I make myself go for it? Well, that’s the excitement. If my fun sensation keeps going even if I find several cons, I definitely jump on it (with a few safety nets, of course). Oh, I’ve jumped on something really unclear & risky before too! That was one of my really exciting experiences ever. We love adventures. We love taking risks. As long as your excitement & passion are strong towards your new ideas, I think it will take you to some new & fun paths even if it may not be what you initially expect to happen.

I’m really about to jump on. Exciting! (Well, it is actually a super simple thing for some of you, lol.)









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