Looking back☆振り返る

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♫

I do often look back what I’ve done and thought before because I recently realized whatever I was thinking in the past have come true!

Let’s say, I’ve mentioned about my colleague’s retirement and my busy new tasks & ideas… they were the things I actually have been hoping to happen at my workplace since I started working there about 15 years ago. It was impossible then since some old people did like the old-fashioned ways as well as my former boss was not as happy with my ideas as my current boss. So, I had a couple of walls which seemed tall & strong enough for me to give up any new ideas.

Now, I have no walls in front of me. I didn’t wish this too hard, but all of my ideas have now begun realizing. It has been just amazing to see how everything goes so nicely the way I was hoping for a long time!

I never used any mental technique intentionally to make things come true such as a positive thinking, a law of attraction, etc. Well, I might have used such methods naturally though. Anyways, it’s fun to check myself back what I was hoping, wish, wanted to do and see what I do now. In my case, most of my past “casual wishes” have come true. Those things did not make to happen were either too out of my capability or have changed the ideas & situations. My music activity is a great example. I didn’t make it to be a rockstar (lol), but I’ve met great friends through it and been enjoying more than before. Plus, it is an interesting phenomenon though, I’ve been offered some really cool gigs (playing overseas, recording projects) recently. Some of these are what I really really wished to happen when I was super “active.” It had never happened, and now it happens. Funny, right?

It’s fun to see “you years ago.” That person initiated who you are now. Instead of just reviewing & regretting, please see what you really wanted, wished before. That may be a key for you to proceed your desirable path from now on.











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