Evening thoughts☆夜のつぶやき

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♫

I took a long nap (about 2 hours!) when I came back from work today. It’s almost my bedtime now, and I am still pretty sleepy even I’m having a cup of coffee (not tea!) while writing this. Why am I so tired? Am I getting old or something?

I thought a bit, and I realized that I’ve been really busy at work in the physical world as well as Shamballa.

After my colleague retired a couple of weeks ago, our workplace and workflow have been reforming and updating which I was hoping to happen for a while (I couldn’t do it before because some old colleagues wanted to keep whatever they preferred — more papers, not computerized solutions). Now my boss and I participated several meetings to update our systems and programs, and I’ve been working to come up with better solutions and presenting new ideas on daily basis. Of course I should be tired by the end of a day.

Besides that, my music projects have been pretty active as well which could be physically demanding. I always look at my music activity as an exercise which my body sometimes gets pretty pushed.

In addition to all of my activities in the physical world, I’ve been pretty active in Shamballa as well. I met some interesting people there and talked about some emergency responses in case of a natural disaster. Shamballa has an amazing system to support people, properties and resources against such disasters. I hope this physical world can be as good and ready for wide-range disasters which may become a serious issue here.

Many random thoughts and actions have been occurring with different views in the different worlds. Well, no wonder I’ve been feeling busy and a little tired. However, I think I enjoy such a busy time as my nature.







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