2 given jobs☆2つの仕事

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Do you know there are 2 jobs in our life which our soul calls (Some say “God’s given jobs”): a suitable occupation & a vocation? When these two are together, we can safely say “We’ve found our life mission.”

My hairdresser has been working on the profession for more than a couple decades by now. She enjoys her job as a hairdresser. At the same time, she actually involves several community projects such as the leader of a dance group, the instructor of an aerobics class, an event planner for the group of parents who have disabled children, and so on. None of them really brings her money, but she loves to work with friends and have a great time with them. She says such community gathering makes her feel really good. She loves what she has been doing, and that should be a perfect example that one has 2 given jobs.

I also do have a perfect suitable occupation which is my current job in the physical world. This brings me safety & security of my physical life. But it’s not just a job I have to do, I actually do really enjoy my job as well (I’ve mentioned this several times). On the other hand, I’m not yet sure what my vocation is.

Vocation, aka given job or life mission is usually something you used to love when you were child or something you can stay up all night to do without any tiredness. Yes, that’s also called your serious hobby. People tend to stop doing your hobby because it doesn’t bring you any money in general. Many of us do/did give up the hobby because of it, yes?

However, the hobby can be what your soul calls. The life mission, it is. That’s why we have another job to support it as your suitable occupation. Both of them are actually equally important in order to accomplish the life mission = soul wish. Some people tend to quit the current job to focus just on the things they truly wanted, but many of them actually do fail because they cut off one of 2 given jobs.

If you have some hobby/vocation you always wanted but cannot make any money with it, please keep your current job (or have a money making/securing your everyday life job) and just do your vocation anyways. You will see how smooth the flow to bloom your dream. A suitable occupation is not just a money making job but also another your given job which you should treat it nicely and enjoy as much as possible.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to my real vocation ever appearing someday 😉









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