Health check☆健康診断

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I had my periodic health check in Shamballa today. It is funny that I, in the physical world rarely see any medical doctors in these days (The last time I saw one was when I had a long-time cold in May, 2017) while I see my doctor in Shamballa more often.

One big reason why myself in Shamballa frequently take such a medical check is because I have pretty weak constitution there. As I’ve written about my weak astral body before, such periodic check does actually help to keep my condition in both worlds being healthy and prevent an unconscious overwork

I’ve noticed that I tend to push really hard mentally & get extremely nervous whenever I work on something even some of routine tasks. My focus level is really high so that I often enter “zone” when I do work (can be a translation project, routine things at my workplace, or this blog, lol). Such extreme focus makes myself in Shamballa tired too. Since both of us are pretty synchronized in terms of the condition (physically and mentally), we should be careful with our tasks and projects. My physical body once needed to take a day-off when my astral body was totally down.

Since I started taking the frequent health checks in Shamballa, I’ve been actually healthier than before even in the physical world. In this year (2018), I haven’t even caught a cold yet and I haven’t taken any medication yet. It is amazing how much my health condition has improved when I think of myself (in the physical world) 10, even 5 years ago.







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