Healer type☆ヒーラータイプ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♬

Have you had a healing session before? I’ve taken a few times by a professional healer, and I’ve done some healing sessions to my friends many times. I’m sure you feel some healers can be better than others because they really can fulfill your needs as well as match your frequency. It’s not just the level of skills.

By the way, there are several different types of healer which you can find out yours by yourself. 

To find out my type as a healer

(Originally in Japanese posted on November 7th, 2016 — I’ve translated and edited for this blog.)

Type 1.  Healer who put his/her strong energies.

Some clients can get even worse because the energy is too strong. If the healer knows how to control it per client, he/she can be a really amazing one.

Type 2. Healer who can absorb your negative energies.

This can be the most dangerous type as a healer since the treatment puts the healer’s health condition at risk. The healer should be consciously aware of the physical & mental condition in order to stay stable. By the way, many of “expensive” healers are actually this type since it is easy to recognize how the treatment works by his/her condition (The healer thinks the treatment is really working well for the client when he/she gets really sick by the session).

Type 3. Healer who can make all your negative energies be zero.

This type of healers just let the hands do whatever they need to do such as Reiki treatment. The clients usually take time to recognize the effect since this does not give them an immediate sensation. However, this healing type is the safest of all.

Type 4. Healer who does change the dimension.

This healer has the strong subjective impression which he/she can be really emotional so that you may hear whatever coming up to his/her mind. However, this type can also accomplish a miracle once the potential ability becomes manifested.

Type 5. Healer who does nothing.

What?! Isn’t it a placebo therapy? In fact, this type can bring out the clients’ ability to heal/cure which they will be lead to the path to get well. Of course the healer never gets tired or sick, so no one really understands why the particular healer seems to have so many clients all the time. However, people can actually recognize the ability (may be subconsciously).


That is all. Did you find anything above would fit your type?

At last, here is how to find out your type as a healer:

1. Let’s have a 5-yen coin (a coin with a hole) which hang with thread on your right hand and make it swing above your left palm. If you know about spiritual dowsing (using a pendulum, for example), that is what you are going to do here. Generally speaking, it usually turns right on the palm, but you do not have to worry too much about it since it really depends on the person who performs dowsing.

2. If it doesn’t really move/rotate/swing much, please tap your chest lightly to adjust your chakra.

3. Then let’s try it again.


  • It swings in a large radius — Type 1
  • It swings opposite (= left) no matter how you do — Type 2
  • It keeps swinging but the circle gets smaller and smaller — Type 3
  • It swings unevenly (circulating bigger & smaller) — Type 4
  • It completely stops — Type 5

Did you find out your type?
We hope you will enjoy playing with it.

– answered by Shamballa medical team (original in Japanese).
November 7th, 2016



今回上でご紹介しているのは、【医療班: ヒーラーのタイプについて】です。ヒーラーというのも色々な種類があり、自分のタイプも診断できちゃうよ~、というお得(?)な記事です。






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