Tea break 21☆ティータイム 21

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

I have seen some unexpected great things within last a few days in the physical world. A peevish looking clerk at the gas station I dropped by was actually really nice to me. I saw him being a little bit rude to the customer in front of me so that I was ready to deal with “such a mood.” However, he was really nice with even greeting me! Hmmm, I should not judge people by the attitude towards other people. 

My friend told me a horrible experience at the shop I’ve been before where I honestly had the best customer experience ever. Again, I thought that the perception by other people might not reflect what I would be experiencing the same thing/place/people.

These are just a couple of examples I’ve seen, but I’ve noticed that they are the signs of the thing I should look at more carefully. Everyone does experience the own thing. Even we eat the same apple, the experience of the taste, flavor, color… the perception should be totally different.

I guess each of us does live its original, unique world even though we seem to share the same one…

Anyways, I’m going to have my favorite tea time in Shamballa now☕









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4 thoughts on “Tea break 21☆ティータイム 21

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  1. Actually, I guess that we do “reflect” to others our very mood… Well, more or less alike in a mirror!
    If I smile (even when I don’t feel like) people smile back at me… but if I’m a bad mood, most certainly the people around me will capture my stress and react the same way. Don’t you think that could be the “solution”?
    Have a lovely day :-)claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine!

      You are absolutely right about the mood which is supposed to reflect to others. Our moods are coming from our emotions which link to our frequencies. I’ve been told by my friends both in Shamballa and the physical world that I should always smile (even it was a fake smile) in order to keep myself in the stable frequency as well as preventing a “bad reflection” by others in result of my mood. Yep, let’s keep smiling♫ -Shire

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      1. Dear Shire, as for myself, isn’t always possible to give “fake smiles”… it’s so difficult to play that way and I don’t have a poker face. But actually, by reflection, it should bring more positive awarness then negative one…
        I’m working on it, but as well I wish I could have acess to the Akashic Records… since I guess there is so much to discover!
        Hugs into serenity :-)claudine

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        1. Thanks again for your reply, Claudine!

          “Fake” doesn’t sound good anyways 🙂 It is like an exercise for your face muscle which has been proven that your “smiley face” does make you feel actually better. I don’t mean to betray yourself, but I’m always careful with the corner of my mouth because it does make me feel refreshed when I pay attention to how my mouth looks like. The smiley shape (or slightly determined mouth) does bring me up for sure. It’s a very simple thing, but it is surprising how a body movement can affect your mood/feeling. Hopefully you will have a beautiful day♫ -Shire

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