Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good day so far♪

One thing I’ve strongly noticed about my friends in both Shamballa and the physical world is that they are pretty polite & refined. Even those of guys who play some rock music with (laughing) are pretty much gentlemen. One is a professor at a renown college, and the other one is a composer who is also a great classical pianist. I have a few more “regular” musician friends who are all really polite.

In Shamballa, it is really hard to find a rude/vulgar person… well, I’m sure there are such people in certain extents, but it is really based on who you are as a person there.

Being an dignified, elegant person is always one of my personal goals. I was really attracted by such elegant ladies with beautiful attitudes. On the other hand, I was also attracted by women who do really brave things which only men commonly do. As you know, I have been totally doing such opposite things: playing drums in a rock band as well as arranging flowers, for example. I guess this can also be a part of the double-soul personalities.

Some refined attitudes may only be available by how you’ve been educated, but your mental & spiritual state does reflect who you are friends with. If you are careful about your own attitudes and polite to others, you will definitely have similar type of people around you. That is how I am with now. Such polite friends make me even more careful to behave and learn such (an elegant) attitude.

If you feel really disappointed by the attitudes of your friends, it may not be just their problems.







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