Your world☆あなたの世界

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

We think we live in the same world on the Earth. However, it’s not really true when we look at other people’s ideas and feelings about the world they live in.

There are actually certain people still seriously believe that the Earth is flat, not even a planet. Some people live in the world where constant life-threatening events are going on. Some people have never seen the sky full of stars before. Some people get married very young and their husbands have more than one wife. Some people never speak/understand any language other than their mother tongue.

I just casually lined up a few real examples, but don’t you think these people ever be able to share or understand your world? These are not rare case but definitely common things among our friends and family members, yes?

We know there are many different things, disasters, wars, events, excitements and sadness going on in the world. Many of us also know that the result and realization in front of us are what our minds meant to do. Some people never forget smiling even the hardest time which they may actually live in their “good” world. We can never know because we are not them living in their world.

I do enjoy my double-life in the two worlds I live in currently. I honestly think not many people would enjoy my situation because I, in the physical world do live just by myself without family/boyfriend. Some people may think that should be really lonely or something. But I really love how I do a lot here in my world. Everything is going pretty well and I’m happy.

No matter where you are or what you do, the most important thing is whether or not you really enjoy your world. If you are not happy with some things or people, it is because of you in most cases. You have created your world in such a way.

By the way, astral world (including Shamballa) is the place where your thoughts get realized even clearer than physical world. It is like a mirror you are supposed to see yourself in good & bad ways really obviously. It is sometime cruel to some people because of the nature.







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