Special someone☆大切な人

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As I said this a few times before, I have a couple of really important, special people in Shamballa. They have been taking care of me even before I realized about Shamballa (actually even before my physical body was born). 

I used to have a couple of special people in the physical world who did deal with me as a boyfriend/husband. Of course, I do have some great & important friends as well. However, in the physical world, I could only change my biased ideas & stubbornness by seeing my boyfriends and ex-husband.

When I really liked them, I really wanted to be as good as they would love me more so that I tried hard to listen to what they liked and what they wanted me to do. Some of them were against my favorite things, but I did try to fulfill their desires. Of course, some of such “unnatural” behaviors made me feel very uncomfortable, but at the same time, I was amazed by my own different potentials. In other words, they opened up different paths for me to explore.

In my case, such experiences (identifying new thoughts/ideas and re-establishing my own) could only be available when I was with “lovers.” Friends have been inspiring me but they’ve never changed my whole ideas upside down. So, I’m a little bit surprised by myself in Shamballa. My special people there don’t have to be my lovers and yet they do influence my way of thinking a lot.

I may be more sensitive towards other people especially my friends in Shamballa. I may love them differently there than how I do behave in the physical world. In any case, it is really the precious thing to have someone truly special to you no matter where you are.

Hopefully, you have such a person near you.




と言いますのも、肉体での私はそういう(他人が見ても分かるような)変化というのが、これまで  『恋人、元夫』といったような恋愛関係にある人が絡まないと起こらなかったからです。恋愛関係、というのは自分が本当にその相手の事が大好きになるので、その人の話は注意深くw聞きますし、要望があれば出来るだけ叶えようとしますよね❓それが普段の自分にはない!ような価値観の違うことであったとしても、「好きな人の希望だから」とりあえずチャレンジしてみるではないですか。その事でこれまで考えたこともなかった新しい価値観や考え方に出会える、そして自分を刷新する・・・私は肉体界ではこのようにして、生まれてから親&環境に刷り込まれていた固定観念を打ち破りました。




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