Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As some of you may know, Japan recently have had a series of natural (there were a few suspicious ones) disasters: double & triple hurricanes (typhoons) hitting directly, torrential rains, and the recent earthquake hitting Hokkaido island where the total blackout had caused all day long (now, the electricity came back nearly 100% there).  

It is amazing to see how many such disasters keep coming to the small country one after another. Plus, you cannot believe how people there are behaving during such tremendous disasters.

One of the blog readers who live in Hokkaido posted some reports (in Japanese) of the first day after the earthquake: Cars were sharing the way & running pretty normally even without signals, Many customers at a convenience store quietly lined up to wait their turn while the shop assistant/clark working with portable calculators (because there is no electricity) one by one, People gathered not in a panic state but still smiling and helping each other (some of them even taking a beautiful photo of the sky since they could see more stars by the blackout)… she was just amazed how Japanese people could be so clam and staying as normal as they could be.

Hope exists such a place.


Source: We♡it

希望は、それを抱き続けることで、痛みが消えるのである(Hold On Pain Endsの頭文字=HOPE)







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