Happiness is☆幸せとは

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’m sure you’ve seen so so so so many thoughts, ideas, definitions, writings, messages, advises, books, articles, stories, etc., etc… about this subject “happiness.” I just looked at my Twitter home feed and found at least 5 or more tweets talking about some sort of happiness related notion.

I think this and another ultra popular subject “love” are pretty similar deal which can be defined as any ways as you wish. It can be a certain situation, or a type of feeling, or a condition you are in. Some says “This is the state you can only dream of but it actually never be realized.” … it can be true to some people as well.

I’m really super easy person to feel happy, lol (both in Shamballa and the physical world). I don’t take the word so special but treat it as a type of feelings. I’m really happy when I wake up with fresh feeling, I’m pretty happy when I have a good meal (& a cup of tea), I’m really happy to pat & feel my cat being happy too, I’m extremely happy when people enjoy my music & performance… I have so many ordinary things make me feel really happy.

If you are accustomed to feel happy easily, you definitely will get more happiness matters. At least that’s how I have been experiencing lately.

Happiness is everywhere even in the middle of disasters and hardships….










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