3rd session – Enjoy Life Basic NEXT☆

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

The 3rd session of the Enjoy Life Basic NEXT seminar has been released in English!

ELBN-3:Sticking a magical barrier and Oracle by number

I really enjoyed working on this session especially using the magical barrier to change the taste of food. I’ve been using it for the foods I cooked in my microwave which does make them taste better. There are practical ways to use such magical barriers and magic circles which I feel they are not a fantasy item anymore but a necessary tool for my everyday life.

Magic circle and magical barrier are the culture which had utilized in Japan the most back in the history. They became a special ritual handled by certain people only since other ethnic group moved to Japan.

Until then, everyone had been using it as an usual tool.

– by Mr. Moe “ELBN-3:Sticking a magical barrier and Oracle by numbers”

I hope you will find this as an interesting subject to try out (Yeah, the oracle by numbers is also a pretty interesting tool to analyze a person with the really simple calculation).











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