Melodies in dream☆夢の中のメロディ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good & cozy day♪

When I was really active in my music activities, I was often playing & working on my musical ideas in my dream. It was pretty realistic and I totally had the feeling of being a live performance all the time. It was myself in the physical world, of course 🙂

The cool thing was that I was sometimes playing the song in my dream which I (in my reality – awaken world?) was still arranging/in the middle of writing. I could remember how it went after I did wake up so that I did bring it to my band practice and showed it to my bandmate. He said “Wow, that’s a cool phrase! Where did you come up with?” I answered, “Well, I was playing it in my dream last night.” — This kind of things happened many times. My bandmate ended up asking me to check out my dream anytime we were stuck with the creative struggles, lol.

It was sometimes one of my precognitive dreams for upcoming live shows. When I played a cool live show in my dream, my band soon got a nice gig at the club I played in my dream. I sometimes remembered even the play(set)list of the show so that the band did use the list and we did have a successful show as I did in my dream.

It was strange but really useful and natural to me. As far as I remember, the person playing on the stage was myself in the physical world. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Shamballa. However, I had a few occasions that I saw “myself (in the physical world” from the audience… I had even told this to my bandmate like “Yeah, I saw me playing in my dream the other day! It was soooo coool!! I wish I could see it more often!”

… I’m now curious the “Me” who was watching myself playing on the stage might be myself in Shamballa. I know I had my consciousness (= consciousness in the physical world), but as we know, I could not see myself unless standing in front of a mirror. I just had the sense both the player and the person in the audience were “myself.”

In any case, those ideas, phrases and melodies I’ve got from my dream were part of my band’s composition. It was a natural creative process to us at that time.










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