Finding life mission☆天命を見つける

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

This question was posted after this interesting session: 【The First Session:To Identify Own Life Mission】Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪ Hopefully you can check it out as well.

I don’t know my life mission clearly either (as I’ve mentioned before), but I feel pretty comfortable what I’m doing and have no worries towards myself.

At the same time, I totally know there are stages any of us feel really uncomfortable, strange, unstable, dubious about our own path. This Q&A may help you to start looking into yourself deeper with a curiosity & fun.

How to find my life mission

(Originally in Japanese posted on December 4th, 2016 — I’ve translated and edited for this blog.)

I only had 2 “yes” from the check list so that I’m totally desperate to find my life mission (laughing).

[Check list = There are 10 questions we were supposed to answer during the session.]

According to your lecture, you have mentioned the following 3 things as the basics in order to find the life mission:

① One day per week (1 day/week), move around whatever/wherever you feel like at least 30 minutes.
② Do Not blame anyone.
③ Do Not keep haunted by/prolong your past (failures).

Q. As for ①, I just want to confirm that I am supposed to repeat this every week, yes? In the lecture, you’ve mentioned a TV program about traveling easy (traveling without plan), is it fine to just change my route to get the fixed place?

A. Yes, you are correct (to repeat it every week). It is also a good idea to change the route.

Q. As for ② and ③, they are the things everyone probably agrees 100% like “Of course!”, but I suspect there are cases I might do them without realizing or I thought I had been totally doing fine but actually not.

Would be please give me the advise to recognize my own situations and solve the problems? I personally think I’m totally stuck to them when I have to tell myself the phrase like “I should NOT blame anyone” “I should NOT prolong my past.” I often do clench my jaw without noticing.

Hmmm, I guess I should wonder off at first, right? (laughing)

A. ”Do not blame anyone”– that includes a jealousy too. Then, you can recognize your pattern if you are able to recall what you say when you talk to people. Let’s say, you sometimes see the people who often evaluate other people. They always talk something they do judge such as “If I were him, I would do this much better!” They always compare themselves with others with some arrogant attitudes. There are definitely the cases people do not recognize what they are actually doing.

Such attitudes keep going unless they do recognize by themselves. All you can do is either encourage them to recognize it or tap their back which is the behind heart chakra. This is the adjustment of chakra.

“Do not keep haunted by/prolong your past (failures)” — You can also recognize this by the conversation you are in. Of course you see many people who talk about their past stories, but you should be aware of the people who talk their past stories emotionally such as “I should have done that instead of this.” You should include the people who bring up a story of 20 years ago like it just happened yesterday.

What you can do is to try to talk to yourself in the past such as “You have done this so that you should not do it anymore.” Then, the new dimension “you have not done” will be born which will change yourself in the present.

These are the thing what you can do.

Thank you very much for your questions.

– answered by Shamballa priest team (original in Japanese).
December 4th, 2016




と、言いつつ今回の質問回答は懐かしのカムカム講座第一弾✨からの【神官: 天命の見つけ方】です。







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