Place in your dream☆夢で行く所

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I often write about my own dreams (nighttime dreams including some revelatory dreams). This is a typical example I actually did visit there in Shamballa while my physical body was sleeping. I’m sure you all have some dreams you still remember seeing and/or actually visiting several times.

Here is a case by the questioner’s friend who often visits the same place in her dream…

The place I always visit in my dream

(Originally in Japanese posted on March 31st, 2018 — I’ve translated and edited for this blog.)

Thank you very much for this opportunity to ask you some questions.
This is from my friend who talked to me about the strange dream she has seen.

She always goes to the same place in her dream.

There are 2 sidewalks at each side of a train (or some kind of vehicles) and she sees some yellow-ish flashing circles along with the sidewalk. The circles are the portals for teleportation which she can go anywhere she likes to go. Of course, she can move around without using the lighting circles. Such circles are only located around the station (?), and they don’t seem to be available other places in the town.

There is an old library in the town which is sometimes closed. She often goes there and walks around inside. She can see some schools like an university. She also meets up someone there and go shopping and/or hang out. 

Q1.   Well, it looks like Shamballa to me… doesn’t it? Is there such teleportation system in Shamballa?

A. Shamballa is a kind of republic which there are many countries within.  I think it (what she sees in her dream) is one of such countries. If you asks your adviser, he can take you there.

Q2. Seeing the same dream and moving/taking actions there everyday are a natural thing for her. I usually go to Shamballa with my subconsciousness while sleeping at night which I don’t remember anything at all. So, I was really surprised by her stories. How come such condition can be possible?

A. Her consciousness does pick up portion of her memories and reproduce them (in her dream).

Q3. She doesn’t know anything about Shamballa and she doesn’t have her room (house) either. If she already exists in Shamballa, doesn’t she need to build one now? Or Doesn’t she notice she actually has one? Well, she seems interested in building one there, so please let us know.

A. I believe her house should already exist in Shamballa. Most people usually don’t mention such a thing. Or, she may not recognize it yet. She should have her adviser near her, so please let him/her take care of it.

Thank you very much for your questions.

– answered by Shamballa science team/formerly known as B-team (original in Japanese).
August 31st, 2018



今日英訳版でご紹介している記事は、【科学班: いつも夢で行く所について】です。夢で毎日同じところに行く・・・時々そういう話を聞きますが、私には殆ど縁がありません🍃大体夢を覚えていることも少ないです。覚えている夢は、最近でしたら大抵シャンバラでの活動&行動(修学旅行のこの旅館とか💥)ですが、滅多にないですからね💦






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