A day to do nothing☆何もしない日

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room♪

As I mentioned before, I (in the physical world) really love to have a day or two to do nothing… just relax, eat some snacks, have a cup of tea/coffee, read a book or articles on Internet, take a long nap, no music, no TV, no noise, no one else visible around me (well, I can still feel some people are around me though, lol). I usually end up doing some writings like this blog and housekeeping (I’ve done cleaning my room and laundry so far), but still it is considered “a day to do nothing” for me.

Meanwhile, I have some routine works in Shamballa which I am supposed to do on a daily basis. As a lazy lover I am (in the physical world), such a regular (can be a mandatory) work sometimes makes me feel tired. Plus, I don’t seem to take any weekend-off type of things in Shamballa (well, there should be weekends and holidays there too).

I thought I would not be able to have a lazy day when I get older (in the physical world) since older people seem to prefer more a routine life style. I do still wake up early morning, but I definitely take a few naps during a day-off and yet I can sleep well at night. My physical body gets sleepy when I start having a conversation in Shamballa so that I force myself to move around in order to stay awake and remember the conversation with my physical consciousness.

I just did clean my kitchen area to keep my conversation in Shamballa consciously. That is still a part of my “nothing to do” day. Well, this is way more productive than when I used to just sleep all day long (the pajama day, I used to call). Also, I just realized that I do not keep thinking many nonsenses anymore since I’ve been trying to keep my Shamballa life consciously while my physical body is awake. That is really a great thing for my healthy life!

I will go back to my “sweet lazy day.” I hope you all have a wonderful day & week!







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