Dimensional operation☆次元操作とは

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, the subject today is “dimensional operation.” What is it all about? You will see some interesting answers from Shamballa.

Dimensional operation

(Originally in Japanese posted on August 19th, 2016 — I’ve translated and edited for this blog.)

Q. Dear dimensional-operation team,
Thank you very much for this great opportunity to ask you some questions.

Since I have some fixed ideas, I still wonder and doubt whether or not some situations are occurred by the result of a dimensional operation. Would you please let me know the mechanism based of the following examples?

① Coat

I really want this coat → I check the material & price by looking at some catalogs → I find one, but “I won’t buy it with this price! too expensive!” … trying to be as honest with my desire as possible → I find the coat with much better (cheaper) price!

Does this mean I’ve moved into the dimension where I can find my favorite coat with the cheaper price? (Or did the coat come to me? Is it a law of attraction?)

A. This is a case of the law of attraction by being super honest to yourself.
If you find the item at a store which you have already lost interest to buy when you go on a shopping, it means that the thing (coat in your example) came to you.

Q. ② Trip

I desire to do to the “particular place” → I post the photo on my wall and look at it everyday → I watch the video about it everyday to make me feel like I’m in there → Suddenly I win a prize which is the trip to go there!

In this case, is the part of “going there” the fate and the part of destiny has been operated for the dimension “trip”? (destiny = win the trip)

[note by Shire : You can see this post for the different between fate & destiny in Shamballa]

A. The question is “Would you be able to go to the place if it is your fate?” — Yes, absolutely. You must go there whether you like it or not (if that is your fate).

The place you really desire to go is the same. You would love to go there because that is what your soul desires so that the place exists as the place “You must go.”

Q. ③ A college student → There is the car he wants to get → He gets a side-job and work hard to buy it. 

That’s a normal flow, but I sometimes think “item (car in this case)” may be just a chance. He is actually supposed to build his work experience as his destiny (car is just a motivation), or he is supposed to go many different places with the car to open up his views which influences his later life. He may become really interested in the mechanism (of the car) so that he becomes an expert of the field. These are just possible examples I can think of.

So, what really matter with dimensional operation is not just to get the item/thing we like to have, but is it more important to go beyond there? (which is the mental/spiritual satisfaction? Is subconsciousness the one which operates a dimension because it is necessary to the person?)

A. Yes, absolutely correct.
As long as your soul deserves, whatever you do have some necessities. That is why you can totally deserve 20 thousand dollars or even 2 million should be fine.

Being free from avarice does not mean you have no greed or desire.
It really means that you become neutral (do not resist) against the desire coming up within you (= desire of your soul).

You can understand this easily if you think of your appetite. You should have a sickness if you do not have appetite at all, right?

Q. They say only a handful men of power have all the money in this planet, but I wish such money could all go to the places & people who would really need it.

I also wish everyone could be the expert of dimensional operations.

Is it important for us to be clear what we have done and what we would like to do with our attitude like “Things should come to us if they are meant to be, so we should not worry too much.” instead of giving up out dreams & hopes by the fixed ideas like “Oh well, it should be just waste of our time & energy!”?

A. Economics especially the money market had been established in order to secure the necessary income for the people who could not make money with their fate. However, it has somehow become really biased so that it is now moving on the road to destruction.

Every dimensional operation is supposed to be based on the fate so that you all should be fulfilled economically, financially and physically. Then you all are supposed to go which ever directions you desire… that is the relation between the fate and dimensional operation.

No matter how great your ability of dimensional operation is, you will fall into ruin if you move against your fate. Identifying what your soul really deserves and where your soul would like to go – That is the most important thing for all of us.

Q. Is there large portion of myself which I am totally obsessed with the idea that I cannot do (the dimensional operation) even though I actually can do?

Thank you very much for answering my questions.

A. If the thing/target/desire is against your fate, you cannot do it. However, you should be able to do the things you’ve never imagined to be able to do can be done if you follow your fate.

That is the important point.
Thank you very much for your questions.

– answered by Shamballa dimensional-operation team (original in Japanese).
August 19th, 2016



今日英訳で(ちょいと長くて昨日のアップに間に合いませんでした💦)ご紹介している記事は、【次元操作: 次元操作とは】です。次元操作とはなんぞや❓という質問とその回答ですが、シャンバラWikiの解説が非常に分かりやすいのでこちらもおススメです。









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