Physical body & Astral body☆肉体とアストラル体

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I haven’t posted Q&A from the blog for a while, so I will post something may be interesting for you. This entry was originally posted in Japanese on November 5th, 2016.

Physical body & Astral body

Q. You guys told us that our Shamballa bodies should be pretty strong if our physical bodies were weak. I’ve also heard there were some people whose physical bodies were really healthy but they had pretty weak constitution of astral bodies (in Shamballa).

Why does such reversal of constitution (reverse phenomenon) ever occur between the 2 worlds? How about other bodies such as the mental body?

A. I will explain this to you all including for those of you who may start having the double-life as a tip of advise.

This is a matter of how YOU use the same energy after all. All such energies (in your physical, astral, mental bodies) are all generated and divided by just you.

It seems like a totally separated triple-life with the independent astral, physical and mental bodies. However, you are the one who is supposed to decide which body to become “your main.”  The main body becomes the center (of you) to move the world.

If you think your Shamballa body (= astral body) seems to have an interesting task, you can just live pretty calmly with an ordinary life with the physical body. No one is a super human (which means not so many people can live 120% with all the bodies). In other words, you can choose your body to live consciously + full as your main by your choice which can be the most enjoyable.

If you save your physical body, your astral body will start moving more active. This is the exactly same principle as you think of a macro-view.

Before the Ascension (2015), your familiar Earth was in the physical world while the desertified Earth was in the astral world and again the Earth with many oceans was existed in the mental world. However, Earth (Gaia) chose the physical world as her main body so that your Earth (in the physical world) became the blue planet. Of course other planets like Mars would look like desertified planets.

However, after the Ascension which Earth has stepped one level up to a shallow-layer astral world, there became more desertifying areas spread all over while Mars started looking like a habitable place. Yes, you start seeing more planets you had never seen before.

There is another change happening after the Ascension which you won’t be able to see the animals/plants whose frequencies are only available/visible in the physical world. Scientists would say “They were all extinct”; however they still exist in the physical world. On the other hand you all will be surprised by seeing/hearing newly-discovered species.

Yes, you all encounter the welcome by “live planets” to the shallow-layer astral world. I’m sure those of you who can match the frequency have already been noticed that there are many UFOs flying all over the sky above you.

Good luck with the new world.
Thank you very much for your question.

– answered by Shamballa medical team (original in Japanese).
November 5th, 2016




今回の元記事は、こちら【医療班: 肉体とアストラル体について】です。私もそうですが、肉体は叩いても死なん💥勢いでガンジョー💪にも関わらず、シャンバラの私は何と『ザ・虚弱体質』・・・なにそれ❓な世界でした。そして逆転からついにはシンクロまで~ひぇー💦という記事も書きましたですね。




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