Gender equality-4☆男女平等-4

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room today♪

I’ve seen & encountered pretty similar sexism situations in the US which made me realize the world & humans are not so different/isolated. The history of male-dominated society is pretty common among many countries, and it might be necessary when a society was really ruled by the physical force. Women were protected and hidden to have children and raise them. 

The biggest difference I’ve seen in the US is that this is the country where the strong feminism movement has been going on and developing/influencing everywhere. When I was in NY, I used to play with a female saxophone player who had been a part of feminism movements there. We were invited to play a show at a “women’s camp” where only women (boys under 6 or 7 years old were also allowed) could join. I was not familiar with such activities before, but it was really amazing that hundreds and thousands of just women gathered and spent a week or two together for fun, relax, enlightening experiences. Many of them have suffered by their male partners’ DV and so on, and the camp was their sanctuary to share their stories, have their own time & space, and express themselves without men. Of course, it was a great place for LGBT people as well.

The evening we played was one of the best shows I’ve ever experienced in front of hundreds of women audiences. They gave us a thunderous applause as well as they stomped on the floor, cheered us for more music to play, cried and cried… which made me almost cry too. That was probably the first time I truly leaned the expression “catharsis” by those ladies seemed totally purified emotionally.

It was amazing. I thought women in Japan would need the places like this too.

However, at the same time, I was really uncomfortable being in the camp too. I was so used to be in the society where men & women living together so that I felt something missing in the place where hundreds people were all and just women. Of course I never felt comfortable when men treated women badly, but I don’t feel comfortable either being in the society of “women only” (I probably cannot survive in an Amazons village, lol).

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