Tea break 18☆ティータイム 18

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a smooth-ish week so far♪

I would like to take a break from many thoughts and stressful news in these days. When I started accessing Shamballa, I thought that would be my perfect fantasy place! Well, it can be as fantasy as you could ever think of. However, as I’ve learned more about the system, I get confused what I classify “reality” and “fantasy.”

Angels, fairies, unicorns, magics, flying objects & humans…. if such things are what we think as “fantasy,” they are just “realities” from different angles and dimensions. It’s not rare thing at all to see people with wings in Shamballa, well, you can see many people from other planets there too.

What we (people in the physical world) see & feel can be fantasy in many cases. What someone sees/hears/feels cannot be seen by other people. We know what majority of people are saying are NOT always correct.

I guess I live in Shamballa with the idea of reality while living in the physical world with the feeling of fantasy.

What is fantasy and reality? You decide.

I just found this cute note which reminds me of myself at the beginning days in Shamballa☕










Source : Pinterest


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