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One of Japan’s top medical universities has been systematically blocking female applicants from entering the school for at least eight years, local news agencies reported on Thursday. – from Washington Post, Aug. 2, 2018

Japan was placed at 114th in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings for 2017 released Thursday, down from 111th last year and the worst standing among the Group of Seven major economies. – from Japan Times, Nov. 2, 2017

The one fairly big reason why I really wanted to leave Japan was the issue regarding “gender equality.” As you see above news, it has been recently more and more obvious and worldly known issue, but I always felt the “unfairness” being a woman and the stress when I was in Japan even as a child.

My parents are pretty ordinary, a standard Japanese couple except my mother used to have a big ambition to live in a foreign country and speak the language. Unfortunately, her mother died really young and she had to take care of her younger brothers & sisters so that she gave up the dream. However, she did study really hard and was always one of the outstanding students at the fairly high-ranking high school she graduated from. Such hard work and her parents (my grand parents) being on pretty equal terms (unlike most Japanese couples) made her be an independent-minded lady. I definitely learned a lot about feminism thoughts and mind from her.

My father also grew up in an unique environment which he had many siblings (11 total) and his father being a peddler hardly came home so that he should have seen his mother’s hardships especially it was right after the war (WWII). He had never cheated on his wife, never wasted money, and tried to play with his children which he couldn’t do with his own father. After all, I think he has been a good father. However, he always had the Japanese traditional mind-set that women in the house (wife and daughters) should obey the father as the leader (man) of the house. I’ve seen him being really upset when my mother came home later than him (she had a job related meeting) without any meal preparation. He didn’t help carrying any of my mother’s heavy bags even though she was having a hard time. His opinions were always “absolute final order” which no one could disagree.

I was wondering why my father was acting like a king. When I saw my uncles and neighbors including some boys, those men seemed to act pretty similar to my father which made me wonder why men were being so arrogant and rude to women. They always said “Men are amazing, hardworking and intelligent species. Women are weak, stupid and immature so that they have to be protected by men.” Hmmmmm, I couldn’t agree it at all because I was always one of the top students (physically & mentally) at my schools. I could not get attracted such boys at all.

When I read a book from Western countries about a really sweet man helps his girl sincerely, I really really wanted to move somewhere else than Japan to meet a dream man. When I heard that such countries would have many more women with professional jobs such as a doctor, business executive, politician, diplomat, professor, banker, and so on, I totally decided to leave Japan as soon as possible.

My country would never make me feel comfortable and equal with men… I made the decision to leave there more than 30 years ago.

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日本で特に高名な医科大学の1つ、東京医科大学が入学試験で女性受験者の得点を改竄(かいざん)していたとの報道が、ソーシャルメディア上で激しい反発を呼んでいる。- BBC Japanより(2018年8月3日)






ジェンダー格差指数は「経済活動への参加と機会」(経済参画)「政治への参加と権限」(政治参画)「教育の到達度」(教育)「健康と生存率」(健康)の4分野の14項目で、男女平等の度合いを指数化して順位を決める。指数が「1」に近づくほど平等で、遠ざかるほど格差が開いていると評価される。- ハフポストより(2017年11月2日)







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