Tea break 17☆ティータイム 17

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a bright & wide-awaking beginning of the week♪

I am… yes, really sleepy and tired.

Well, I actually had a really great day yesterday which I took the amazing ELBN-3 (about magical barriers – it should be really interesting subject for you to check out!) session in the morning, and I did work on the editing contents for the blog straight after the session without taking a nap, and then I did work on some of my writings as well as cleaning my place. It was really a productive day! I was really happy and satisfied with all my accomplishments.

In the evening, I fell a sleep like loosing my consciousness which I even didn’t remember when I physically went to my bed. When I realized (woke up), I threw myself on the bed with the lights on and it was about 45 minutes later than my normal wake-up time.

…and, I was really tired! Well, I AM still pretty tired. I don’t know how I did fall a sleep after such a great day. I don’t know how all my beautiful productivity is now totally gone.

OK, I’m going to have an early morning tea time in Shamballa while drinking a strong coffee at my work in the physical world. I’ll ask my adviser what I’ve done! In any case, I am slllleeeeeeeepppppyyyy!









Source :  Monday Sleepy Quotes


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