Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’m pretty happy who I am and what I’m doing in these days. I think what I really deserved for a long time has already been realized. It came in really naturally without any dramatic signs/signals so that I was not sure at first.

I really wanted to be “independent.” I deserved to live independently without any restraints such as money, people and environment. I always felt some sought of social restraints, inconveniences and unfairness in Japan so that leaving the country was one of the top priorities. As I mentioned before, I was always looking for my “home” so that I was ready to wonder around somewhere in the Earth.

I thought I would like to have a dramatic life like touring musicians, lol. However, as I became more experienced, I realized I would prefer having a peaceful, quiet and semi-stable living environment. That made me not be a full-time working musician who would have a kind of exciting but running around with irregular & unexpected tasks everyday. Many of my musician friends do worry about their rent and daily expenses, but they have really exciting activities all over the world and playing with cool musicians at cool venues. I just cannot live like that. I need my mental & spiritual peace which can only be provided by the stable physical situations (safe place, no financial pressure).

Living in Shamballa has also given me a tremendous amount of ideas to be “myself” which some of my unsolved issues from the physical world have been totally resolved. Such resolution has taken my trauma away without noticing and made me really healthy not just physically.

After all, all those things were what I wanted to make to happen. I’m totally independent physically, financially, mentally from anyone else on this physical Earth. I have a strong and comfortable connection with Shamballa so that I never feel completely alone.

It might be a pretty modest thing comparing to a big dream I used to think of. But I’m really happy to feel the peace in my own place which I had never felt when I was working so hard to be “something big.”

Be true to my own soul – that realizes what “I” sincerely deserve.









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