Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♪

“Hey, would you like to play with my band and tour in Japan and Europe?” – I received the text message about 2 years ago from the musician who I did work with before at a recording session. His band is a so-called “legendary” which was pretty famous in the US during 80s’ when MTV started on air. I vaguely remembered (I used to watch MTV a lot) them by the unique style & costumes. 

Anyways, I was more excited about “touring in Japan & Europe” part. Well, that was one of my prominent motivations to keep me working on as a musician. I did tour in the US several times, but not in Europe or Japan. I really really wanted to go there as a touring musician, not a tourist. Touring all over the world is probably the dream of every musician at least I know. There are many of my musician friends actually do/did go to Europe or Japan or South America or Australia, but none of them has to be famous or rich. They happened to be in the situation. I had a few chances before, but somehow I could not make any of them.

Of course, I was so excited by the text, and I did meet the band soon after then which was a really great talking session. I learned about some interesting episodes, history as well as secrets of the band (They have some official secrets). Since I already worked with one of the band members, they pretty much knew I would be totally capable of playing their repertoires which could be really avant-garde and somewhat theatrical styles. Their music was not actually my favorite, but I would be totally cool to play and I knew I could enjoy playing the music in Japan and Europe!

I was given several pieces as my homework prior to the first practice session. I did work (of course!) really hard. I woke my perfectionism up (laughing) for this particular project. By the way, they were supposed to play one of the famous clubs (everyone knows) in Japan as well as several major music festivals in Europe… It was all my dreams which the imaginations were all over running my head everyday (I was talking about it everyday even in Shamballa, LOL).

The first session was also really fun. I had a good time and all other band members seemed to enjoy the session a lot. I was really excited about going to Japan with the band. Then, I received an Email from the band 3 days later that their friend musician suddenly showed up and joined the band so that they decided to go with him, not me.

Oh, well, that was a little bit heartbroken moment, but I’ve seen things like this so many times. One big thing at that time though was that I realized this might be the real last call for me to flounder about music activities. Yes, it was true. Since then, I’ve only played music for fun (even though I still play some shows/recordings), not for my ambition anymore. Meanwhile, my other activities and things in Shamballa have become more important to me. I’m pretty happy with my own quiet time as well as training insight in Shamballa.

Today, I received a text again from the band member, “Hey, are you still interested in playing with us for a tour?” I immediately replied “I’m sorry I’m not available.” That was the quickest reply I’ve ever done as a working musician.











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