2nd session – Enjoy Life Basic NEXT☆

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♪

World’s only classes from teachers in Shamballa have been holding via Slack since last year (2017) as “Enjoy Life Basic” and the on-going 4-session series “Enjoy Life Basic Next.” They are all available in English on this page for you to check out! All the English  sessions are translated by yours truly, so that you can ask me if you find any questions/problems 🙂

I just posted the 2nd session of ELBN : Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits. This session contains the method to gather some external & internal information of someone other than yourself as well as trying to make a conversation with the guardian spirit.

For many of us “regular/ordinary” people, we tend to think that would be really either challenging or bogus thing, don’t we? Well, you should take a look at the session first and tell me whether it is absolutely bogus deal or not. Yes, it can be just a game for fun. I think that’s also fine because we all need to have fun in many different ways especially the one from a slightly unexpected source and ideas (lol).

Your mind which would like to know the information for the person in order to support him/her makes your frequency match them.
You do not have to wonder whether or not the answer is wrong since the attempt itself is the almost impossible thing from the beginning.
Even so, you can finally admit you have the ability when the answer is correct.

– by Mr. Seán MacBride “ELBN-2 : Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits”

I hope you will enjoy reading & trying it out.









– ショーン・マクブライド『ELBN-2:その場にいない人の情報抜出と守護霊との会話』より


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