Emotional Control-3☆感情のコントロール-3

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♪

[Emotional Control-1]
[Emotional Control-2]

I did meet many people in the physical world through my music activities. Many of them belong to totally different worlds where I couldn’t even imagine of. I would probably never meet many of them if I didn’t do music.

People in Shamballa really recommend us to see as many people as possible instead of being stuck in your place and just meditating. They say our souls get stimulated and inspired only by touching other souls = meeting other people. It is really true to me. I did read many books and studied psychological subjects, but meeting real people have always given me huge impacts and sensations. They showed me different ideas, thoughts, paths and dimensions in front of my eyes with the tremendous realities.

Such ideas/thoughts also became a trigger to recognize different emotions in me. I’ve experienced different types of joy, anger, sadness and excitement I had never experienced before (in this physical life). I’ve finally learned that there are many different types of emotions and reactions based on them. More I learned such different emotions, I became quiet and calm instead of being too emotionally when I saw some incidents would make me either get upset or overjoyed. At the same time, I could start crying more naturally when I got inspired in any ways (happy, touched, or sad).

Around that time, I started accessing Shamballa. As you know, myself living there is Astral body which is also called “emotional body.”

Please read my past entry “Emotional” to see how I’ve analyzed my emotions and how I’ve been changing since then. I’m happy with how I am emotionally in these days, but I would not be able to make it without my prior experiences of sampling many emotions and the reactions. Because, your emotional amplitude can be much bigger with the astral body (emotional body). It means that your true, honest emotion becomes spilled over unstoppably… If you are 5 years-old in Shamballa, you are supposed to act (emotionally) like 5 years-old even your physical body is 60+ years-old.

I enjoy checking my emotional undulations on a daily basis in Shamballa and the physical world nowadays. It would probably be impossible to even access Shamballa if I were the person who I used to be. I know each of us (or rather the individual frequency) has “the timing and opportunity” to enter certain stage, and there are many prior preparations. Even if you are currently having a slightly tough time with your emotions, it can be a necessary practice for the next stage.

I’m glad I didn’t give up the human communications and seclude myself up in a mountain or something, lol.











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