Private class at work☆職場で個人授業

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I know I have to finish my continuous thoughts about “emotional control,” but let me just take a little break here… well, I’m actually taking a private class right now in Shamballa while my physical body is at my work place.

I’ve already done this a few times before, but it has been for a while since the last time, and somehow, I was really nervous all day today. Well, I had absolutely no reason (in the physical world) to be nervous today though… It should be a regular work-day… but my body has been really tense and I even had a slight stomach ache. Plus, I was really busy moving around, opening several boxes, taking care of multiple tasks which seemed a totally different day from my “regular” days at work.

The biggest problem was that I totally fell a sleep when I tried to focus on the class while I was working in the physical world. I could tell that my brain was really moving/working in a few different places at the same time and got overloaded eventually. That’s the tough part to have the double life in full-time!

At the class (in Shamballa), I was asking several questions I have been thinking for a long time regarding some personal responsibilities and a leadership role. My teacher seemed to be really gentle yet pretty perceptive which he could understand my thoughts and give me some great suggestions regarding my ideas in the physical world as well.

I’m sure he should be one of the well-known doctors or professors (already pretty dead in the physical world, hee-hee).

Oh, the class was just over. I’m tired. I need an extra long tea break now☕










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