Body temperature☆体温

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are all doing great for this week as well ♪

My body temperature is usually more towards high-side as a Japanese which is the range between 36.8℃(98.2℉)~ 37.2℃(98.9℉)while many of friends & people I know have really low temperature below 36.5℃(97.7℉). When I looked some web pages for the healthy, ideal normal temperature, most doctors/scientists say it should be 37.0℃(98.6℉)- Here is an example.  

The reason why this 37.0℃(98.6℉)is the ideal because this temperature basically kills most of harmful germs inside of our bodies and revitalize the metabolism as well as the immune system. This is probably the big reason why I have not got any serious sickness for a while.

In fact, I am not so sensitive to the change of my body temperature so that I usually don’t notice how high/low I actually have (When you feel fine, you don’t check your temperature, right?). Last May when I had a cold for a few weeks, I didn’t even know I had a relatively high temperature until I went to see a doctor since my thermometer was broken, LOL. Well, I felt totally fine at that time and was going to work (since I was so bored at my place!) , but he told me not to do since I still had a high temperature. “Wow, really?!” … later I did get a new thermometer by his recommendation. He didn’t say directly to me but I knew that he actually wanted to tell me “You are insensitive!” (He actually said “You are pretty strong and have tolerance of fever.”)

I was not strong at all. I was much weaker and had no tolerance of even a slight fever before. Hmmm….

Anyways, yesterday I was feeling pretty hot and sweating most of the day (outside temperature was about 25℃(77℉). I suddenly thought of checking up my temperature… well, it was 37.7℃(99.8℉)… in Japan, this could be considered a real “Fever.” Hmmm, I felt totally fine but just a little hot. Am I insensitive or what?! 😎

By the way, I’m currently at work with a “slightly” higher temperature (and I feel gorgeous) today 🙂









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