Greeting in Shamballa☆シャンバラの挨拶

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

People in Shamballa say the phrase pretty often as a greeting (especially before good-bye). I really like it a lot.

This is pretty similar to this proverb: Do your best and leave the rest to Providence — You are supposed to do your best to make your dreams come true, and after all, God/Providence/Gaia will take care of the rest. In other words, nothing will help you if you don’t do anything.

Good flow will come to us after we do make the best effort to work on our missions. It is cool to remind me everytime I talk with people in Shamballa.

I hope we do the same in the physical world as well.


This image is created by Shire via QuotesCover






肉体の私は、ここ数年「なるようになる♨」が個人的モットーですが、正に「流れのままに~in リアルww」ですね。以前はそれこそ「なるようにする💪」で、全てに気合注入💥+全力暴走、いや爆走ww💨し、あちこちでぶつかったり爆発したりコースアウトしたりしていましたが、それが普通だと思っていたのです。全力でやる、ということがデフォになっていたのでしょうね🍃



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