Quotes by Shamballa-3☆シャンバラ語録-3

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Q. What is “luck” actually? I imagined it could be something like an electric medium which we should be able to stick the positive energy, but I am not quite sure what actually it is. Is it some sort of substances which have a wave motion and/or can be accumulative?

A. Oh, it’s easy. It is your immune strength.

– from “Priest: about Luck” December, 4th, 2016 (Original entry in Japanese)

I’ve been pretty healthy especially since I started accessing Shamballa 3 years ago (no medication, no supplement needed nowadays). Until then, I often had a course of cold-like symptoms every so often and I always needed to have some medications and supplements. Even before then, I had some major sickness every a few years in a row such as flu, bad cold, singles and so on.

It is very interesting that I had so many issues with friends, family, band-mates, finance, job… such problems just kept coming to me one after another during the sick years. I was thinking I became sick because of those issues, lol. Well, I guess it was not too far-off speculation after all, was it?

I think immune strength is not just physical thing but also our mental & spiritual things. If you have healthy mind/spirit, you will have the great strength & luck to move forward even if your physical condition is not so great.

Let’s keep up and stay strong/healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Being lucky means you have the immune strength.



Q. 運というものはそもそも何なのでしょうか。



A. あ、簡単です。免疫力です

– “神官:運気について“より December, 4th, 2016




運とは? 免疫力です



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