How to confirm☆知覚確認

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much again for coming to my room today ♪

I’ve written this probably more than a few times, but I actually try to introduce different, newly discovered ideas as I have found. So, please enjoy reading and actually checking out by yourself 🙂

Every person who tries to access Shamballa from the physical world actually do hit the wall of “sensation (senses).” Yes, we cannot see, hear or feel when we first access there consciously. What we can do is only using our imagination which is very unreliable to us, yes? It is almost like a day-dreaming which does not seem to give us anything and makes us feel a waste of precious time… this is the main reason why many of such former participants quit.

However, when you imagine something like your own room, why do you imagine the particular room which has a red chair and a wood round table for example? You may imagine a condo with high glass celling which gives you pretty of sunlight, or a rustic farm house with a cozy & large fireplace. Why do you come up with the specific style and the furnitures? You might have seen in your dream, or a book or a movie or somewhere you had been before…. but still, why is that particular vision?!

When I started making & stabilizing my room, I sometimes submit the question to the blog (Shamballa staff) to confirm my imagination. This is one popular way that many participants do when they check out their own figure, name, race, age as well as the advisers’ name, room, and so on. You can totally do it in English, and Shamballa staff will give you the answer on the blog.

Then, I did try to contact some of the other participants in the physical world through the blog so that we could try to do the Shamballa adventure together. We tried to meet at Shamballa School, or a cathedral, or each other’s room so that we could share the imagination which you would be so surprised how much what two of us were seeing (imagining) actually were matched!!

Another way is that you want to be really specific and detailed in Shamballa. As I mentioned before, it is good to pick one of the things you want to focus on. Let’s say, “your chair.” You should be really really specific and detailed as if the chair is in front of you. What is the material? What is the color? Is there any cushion for it? Is that 3 legs or 4 legs? Is there any scar or scratch? Please be as detail as possible. Then, you will actually see something similar to it in the physical world! You may see a chair with the same material, or color, or the particular fabric for the cushion…. you may think that is an unbelievable co-incidence, but you actually will keep seeing such co-incidences more often (I call it as a “Link”).

There were so many times I thought what I’ve been imagining would be just a delusion. I still think it may be… but, my “delusions” have been confirmed by different people in different time and places. I’ve been seeing so many “links” as well.

Well, you will see if you are willing to join the club 🙂











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