Tea break 15☆ティータイム 15

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are ready for the song project

I found one of my favorite old dresses in the closet in Shamballa. It is a very nice, silky deep green mini-dress. That was the one I used to wear pretty often especially when I was singing at the cathedral there. 

It was only less than a year ago in Shamballa… but I felt it was really a long time passing by (about 3 years ago in the physical world).

I did try it on, of course. Hmmmm, it still fits perfectly but I feel a little uncomfortable. My face? myself seems a little older than the dress. Am I getting old?! Hmmmmmm…

Anyways, I’m still wearing the dress now and having a cup of tea. My adviser just came to the room and said to me “Oh, you look like a young girl in the good old days!”

Well, I thought I would never grow old in Shamballa. He said, “You look more confident and mature now than you used to be. That’s all. You don’t look old at all.”

All of a sudden, those memories of my beginning days in Shamballa came up to my mind which made me smile😊








Source : The Unseen Eyes


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